What Would Have Improved Your Work?

Any research thesis could use with some improvement. My thesis was based on sociology, since I loved the classes and the subject during the time at college. As a result, doing research in sociology seemed like the next stepping-stone in my academic career.

As with any thesis, there are a few points of weaknesses in my work that I feel could be massively improved on. My research was focused on the impact social media has had on younger people, particularly millennials.

Points Of Contention

Although I feel that my research methodology was strong, I could have done more to include an older age group in my research. The sample size of younger people in my survey was larger than the sample size of older people in my research. I also asked more questions about the social media habits of younger people than the ones in the older age group.

Focusing a little more on the social media usage of older people would have allowed me to make a better comparison between the two age groups and how social media affects them differently or if they are affected in the same way.

The reason why I was not able to focus more on the older age group is due to the fact that I simply did not have enough time. As all those who have composed research papers know, there is simple not enough time to thoroughly conduct your research to a very high standard.

Another point of contention about my research is the fact that there was very little literature on my topic. As you know, social media is a relatively new mode of communication. This means that it will take many years for there to be an established framework of literature for students to reference.

This posed many problems, as I could not adequately analyze various pieces of literature pertaining to my topic. Although writing a paper on a topic that is not common can be a good point as it makes your thesis stand out, it also poses some problems as you cans see.


To weed out many weaknesses with your research paper, I highly recommend that you request the services of a thesis writer. Thesis writers can usually be found through writing agencies. Writing agencies employ only the best writers on their help staff and these writers have many years of experience assisting other research students in topics similar to your own.

There could be many improvements to my thesis writing. Despite this, my thesis has been well received by my faculty, and my supervisor, who has been very impressed with the quality of work I have been able to produce, has given me much praise.