How Do You Know That Your Findings Are Correct?

I have completed a sociology thesis paper on the effects of social media on millennials. There are a number of reasons why I chose to focus on millennials in my research, the least of which is the fact that the millennial generation is the first to have grown surrounded by social media and using technology to communicate.

Social media and technology for communication is still in its infancy and so the research into the matter is scarce. However, there are still many ways in which I was able to verify my research and ensure that my findings are correct.

Research Methodology

I chose a sample group to evaluate based on their social media habits. This sample group was given a survey and asked to answer a series of different questions. This was just one of the many research methodologies I employed to gather my findings. However, this is the part of my research that is most subjective, which is why it was the most important part to verify.

Many students could have incorrectly answered their questions, either due to not being bothered enough to do the survey or through forgetting the habits the questions were asking about. To verify these answers, a further sample group was picked out to monitor their social media behavior.

This was an important necessary step to ensure that my findings were rigorous and correct. Once the students’ social media usage was monitored and compared to their answers on the surveys, it was found that their answers were accurate on the survey.

From this, we can extrapolate that most of the answers that were given on the survey were correct, and that most students answered with honesty to the survey. A further sample was also conducted with older people. The same experiment was repeated and it was shown that the answers on the survey were given honestly.

Writing Agency

Another pivotal resource that was instrumental in ensuring that my findings were correct was my thesis writer. I found the writer through a writing agency. Writing agencies are known to employ only the best writers and those with experience in composing thesis papers.

My writer was very helpful in giving me ideas to ensure my findings were useful. My writer also found existing literature pertaining to my topic that was useful in confirming my findings, as my findings correlated with the findings of other sociology academics. My writer also made me a detailed plan on how to write my thesis paper, which was very helpful in my completing my research in a timely manner.

There were many methods used to ensure that my findings were correct. Further sampling and hiring a thesis writer were the two most useful methods that I employed to verify my results.