To What Extent Do Your Contributions Generalise?

My ground-breaking research on the sociology topic of how social media has affected younger people makes some generalizations that I will discuss in this article. To some extent, generalizations have to be made to partake in research that is as large in scope as mine. < /p>

Sociology examines the behaviour of society as a whole and, as such, it is impossible to escape making some generalisations. What got me involved in this topic was a generalization in the first place; I was fascinated at how younger people seemed to communicate more with their cell phones compared to older generations. Of course, this is not the case for every young person, and neither do all older people never use social media. < /p>

Research Methodology

My research methodology tried to avoid using generalizations as much as possible. This is reflected in the rigorous approach I took with my research. Firstly, a sample group was selected to partake in a survey asking questions about their social media usage. < /p>

After this, a further sample group was selected to have their social media usage monitored. This part of the research served one main purpose: whether or not people were being honest in their survey. < /p>

In terms of my methodology, I feel I could have done more to avoid using generalizations. Many of the questions that were asked assumed that every young person uses social media. For examples, for the question that asked: ‘How often do you use social media?’ there was no option for ‘never.’< /p>

Another generalization that was made in my research was assuming that those who used social media mainly used Facebook. However, as you know, there are a plethora of social media platforms out there, and many people could be active on those platforms instead of Facebook. I do not feel that this generalization had a very big impact on my contributions. < /p>

Online Help

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I have tried to keep generalisations to a minimum in my research. However, it is not always unavoidable, and some generalisations exist in my work. Hiring an online writer will be helpful in reducing the impact of generalisations on your contributions. < /p>