Who Will Be Most Interested In Your Work?

There are many groups of people that will be interested in my research. Since my research falls under sociology, it will have a big impact on making people aware of the impact of technology in society. Due to how crucial technology is, many different people will be intrigued by my research for different purposes. As you know, my research paper is based on the effects of social media and online communication on young people.

Target Audience

Although I am pursuing this research for my own interests and curiosity, it cannot be denied that many eyes will be on the work I produce. Due to this, I have made sure that my work is easily accessible and is easy to understand. My research does not make frequent use of sociology jargon and when it does, it is defined very clearly. These are all steps any researcher can take to ensure that their work reaches a wider audience.


Being a sociology student, academics will be most interested in my work. There are many reasons for this. Firstly, there is sparse research on the effects of social media on young people. There are many reasons for the dearth of research on this matter. One of the main reasons is the fact that social media is a very recent development in human communication – enough time has simply not passed for there to be detailed research into the matter. Also, young people are only coming to the age where the effects of growing up with social media can be assessed.

Due to the lack of online research papers on this topic, sociology academics will be very interested in the results of my research. This will also have the potential to spark further research and investment into the topic.

Social Media Companies

In the modern day, companies are very conscious of their public image. Any negative connotations associated with social media can hurt their platform. For this reason, they will be looking out for my research and the potential effects of social media on younger people.

My research also has the potential to change the way social media platforms operate. They could, for example, provide stricter control to parents, and the ability to make it easier for parents to monitor their children’s social media activities.

Educations Experts

Since my research deals with young adults, education experts will also be interested in my research, as they can use it to bitter education children on the effects of social media usage. This can have a big impact on the way the younger generation makes use of social media.

The most rewarding aspect of conducting PhD research is how much of an impact your work has on society. Many people will be interested in my findings and this motivates me to work hard on my research.