Which Aspects Of Your Work Do You Intend To Publish – And Where?

It is important that, when you pursue your research, you already have a place in mind where you aim to publish your research. Without this, it can become a hassle to publish your work. There are many advantages to publishing your work, such as your work being available to a larger audience. The key to amassing more readers to your research is you know what parts to publish and where. In this article, I will talk about what aspects of my research I intend to publish and where.


When you publish your work, you need to publish parts of it that you feel appeal to your target audience. For example, if you are writing a PhD essay on a sociology topic, but there is a small part that you think may appeal to those interested in social media, there is little use in publishing the whole paper. It will suffice to only publish the part about social media if you are trying to appeal to those interested in social media research.

This is the same tactic I will be employing when I decide to publish my work. There are many small sections of my research that I feel could be published separately. My research is centered around the effects of social media on young adults. However, it is futile for me to publish the paper as a whole on every platform, as it will only largely appeal to social media enthusiasts.

However, there are many smaller sections that I feel will interest other researchers. For example, I go through the history of different forms of communication available to children in the 20th century. I feel that many historians may be interested in this knowledge, and so will publish this separately. Choosing smaller sections that appeal to different researchers is definitely the way to go.

Where To Publish

It is also important to know where to publish your work. Publishing your work where your target audience cannot easily find your research can prove a disaster in gaining more readers for your research. The best place to publish your research is on academic journals.

There is nearly an academic journal for every subject field. So if, for example, you are composing a PhD on a history topic, it will make sense to publish it on a history journal. This will give you the best chance of making more people aware of your research.

Knowing where to publish your work is an extremely important aspect to consider if you want to attain further notoriety for your research. So, get the app that will do your homework for you and start working on your research. It is also wise to publish different parts of your work in different places where they will appeal the most to their target audience to read.