What Is The Relevance Of Your Work To Practitioners?

The more relevant your work is to practitioners, the more notoriety your research will gain. As such, it is a good idea to keep this in the back of your mind when your are choosing a topic to pursue for your research. It was something that I very much took into consideration when deciding what topic to undertake my research in. As you know, my PhD is on the effects, both positive and negative, of social media on young people. There are many practical uses of my research beyond the theoretical scope of sociology. To give an example, future social media guidelines could be based on what I uncover during the course of my research.

It will provide a good theoretical framework for sociologists, but sociology practitioners can also use it. Sociology practitioners come in many forms, such as life advisors or therapists. My hope is that my research can be extremely helpful to those in a profession that needs the application of sociology.


Although your faculty members will not be too concerned about the application of your research, it is worthwhile to consider the impact of your research on practitioners. The reason for this is due to the fact that after publishing your work, practitioners can recommend it to other people, thus gaining you more readers and popularity.

To know who are practitioners of your subject, you can perform a simple Google search or ask your supervisor. This step should be performed in the very early stages of your research, since it is vital to cater and provide research that can be utilised by practitioners of your subject.


I hope that my research can provide guidance for many practitioners of sociology. As mentioned before, many professions fall under the umbrella of applying sociology to real life situations.

In regards to social media and young people, a host of different professions can apply my research. For example, teachers can produce guidelines for children on their social media usage and make parents aware of these, so that they can restrict and/or monitor their child’s social media usage. Therapists will be able to use my research to suggest solutions to their client’s social media problems.

Other examples of the relevancy of my research to practitioners include teachers teaching children about the uses and negative effects of sociology. Further researchers who will want to build upon the research I have published can also cite it.

Ensuring that your research is relevant to the practitioners of your subject is vitally important to the success of your work. The more recognition your work achieves, the more people will be compelled to read your research. When choosing a topic to pursue your research in, make sure that it appeals to practitioners. MyPaperDone will provide you with more information.