How Have You Evaluated Your Work?

Writing a thesis is no mean feat and I talk from experience. I have just finished composing my sociology thesis and even with a passion for the subject, it was a tough grind to complete my research and have it evaluated.

My thesis topic was on the effects of social media on younger people, in particular, millennials. The reason why I decided to focus on millennials is due to the fact that they are the first generation to be raised surrounded by social media and relying on technology to communicate.

Many experts and parents have theorized that reliance on social media to communicate has impaired the ability of younger people to communicate effectively in person. What my research wanted to see is whether or not this is true.

Social media is a relatively new phenomenon; even the practice of texting is a very modern invention. Due to this, there is very little literature that has been published in regards to the impact social media has had on the ability of people to communicate. I hope that my research is a step in the right direction and can be the driver behind more research into this topic.


There are many research tools I used to complete my thesis. Firstly, the main way in which I was able to see people’s social media habits was through surveying. I asked my sample group to answer many questions pertaining to their social media usage.

From my sample group, a further sample group was picked to have their social media usage monitored. I wanted to see what type of social media they were consuming and how this affected their ability to communicate.

This was then followed up with them speaking to a stranger and seeing whether their social media consumption correlated to their ability to communicate in person.


I hired an online writer to evaluate my work for me. I found this to be the best way since many writing agencies employ professional writers who have many years of experience writing and assisting other thesis students with their research. In my case, my writer had helped another sociology students not too long ago with a similar topic.

The writer was very helpful in weeding out any mistakes in my research and writing. I was also able to find research material that I do not think I could have included in my research without the help of my writer.

So, if you are looking to for a top-notch evaluation of your research, then hiring a thesis writer through a writing agency is the best advice I can give. Ensure that your writer has many years of experience helping out thesis students on the same topic as the one you are focusing on.