What Are The Strongest/Weakest Parts Of Your Work?

Research paper writing can be hard work. I have recently finished writing my thesis on sociology, and the topic is about the effects of social media on millennials. I had a huge passion for sociology in school, and so conducting research in the area was a natural step for me.

No matter how much time and effort you put into your research, there will always be weak parts that need addressing. My research is no different. Some may say I am being overly harsh with my criticism of my own work; however, there are many glaring holes that I wish I could devote more time to. I will address these weaknesses so you can ensure that your research does not have them.


Before we discuss the weaknesses of my paper, I want to highlight the strong points of my research. Firstly, social media and technology are relatively new phenomenon. As such, the amount of literature on my topic is sparse. This makes my research stand out more and it becomes more original compared to other topics.

Another strong point of my research is my methodology. My supervisor vetted my research methodology and he was very impressed with it. I asked a sample group to partake in a survey about their social media habits.

To ensure that the answers were truthful, a further random sample was selected who agreed to have their social media usage monitored. In general, the results of the social media usage and the answers that subjects gave for their survey matched up.

Hiring a thesis writer was another strong point of my research. My thesis writer was hired through a writing agency that is known to only employ writers with many years of experience working with other researchers. My writer gave my many resources that were very helpful in conducting my research. It was also my writer’s idea to take a further sample for social media usage monitoring.


I feel that there are a few weaknesses with my thesis paper. Firstly, not enough time was devoted to older age groups. Although millennials was the focus of my research, it would have been nice to compare how they match up with people from older age groups in detail.

One of the advantages I cited, namely the fact that there is not much literature on my topic, is also a disadvantage. There is not enough prior literature to cite in your thesis, and this brought up many hurdles for me. Thankfully, my writer was able to find a few papers pertaining to my topic.

There are many strengths and weaknesses to my thesis paper. Ensure to choose a topic with enough literature for you to analyze in you work.