Summarise Your Key Findings

My research was centered on the impact of social media on young people. The reason for why I chose to focus on this topic as that, as a sociologist, I am extremely fascinated of how quickly society has adopted to social media. So much so, that it is now hard to imagine a world without social media. However, I am concerned about the potential pitfalls of such a medium. Hence, in my research, I want to see both the positive and negative effects of social media, particularly on a person’s ability to socialize in person.


In my quest to undertake this research, I involved people from many age groups to participate in my research. I wanted to ensure that, to fully evaluate the impact of social media, younger people, who have grown up being surrounded by social media, should be compared to older people, who grew up in a time without any social media.

My main concern was the impact of social media on the ability of a person to interact with someone in a social, real life situation. The reason why I decided to pursue this line of research is because many negative connotations are associated with social media, and the depreciation of socializing skills is one of the most often cited.

I found, however, that there was very little empirical evidence to suggest that social media usage impairs a person’s ability to interact in real life. This was one of the main motivators in me pursuing this research.


Below is a summary of the key findings of my research:

  • Mixtures of young adults were included in the research. Some had grown up using social media extensively as children and into their teenage years, and some had made use of very little social media.
  • Older people, who did not grow up with extensive social media usage were also included in the research.
  • The main method of collecting data was through a survey. After this, to check on the validity of the answers, further volunteers agreed to monitor their social media usage and to see if it matched up with their answers.
  • The same was also applied to the older age group.
  • Interesting findings were made from the research. Younger people who grew up using social media extensively cited more apprehension when conversing with someone in real life.
  • The older age group, in general, cited less anxiety and apprehension for in person interactions.
  • Many of the older age group cited problems in using social media, which could be owed to not knowing how to use modern technology.

A summary of your findings can be a neat way of providing a brief overview of your paper. A good summary will entice your reader to read your full work.