What Is The Relevance Of Your Work To Other Researchers?

When you want to undertake PhD research, there is a crucial step to take before you are granted the funding for your project. This step involves presenting your research proposal to your supervisor and faculty to scrutinize and to see whether or not it is worth granting you the necessary funds to pursue your PhD.

This is the reason why your work needs to have relevance to other researchers and if it does not, then it is very hard for you to secure the funds needed to undertake it. In this article, I will explain how my research is relevant to other researchers, and how this helped me to attain the funds to pursue my work.


As you may know, my topic area for my research is about the impact of social media on young people today. The reason why I am focusing on young adults is because they are the first generation to grow up surrounded by social media. This is crucial in assessing its impact compared to those who grew up without the use of social media.


This brings me onto my main point. The topic you choose to pursue for your PhD needs to be a topic that adds something new to your field. My subject area, sociology, has sparse research on the impact of social media on young people.

There are many reasons for the lack of research into this subject matter. Firstly, social media is a very new medium of communication. Due to this, it is hard to assess its full impact.

Another reason that makes my research unique is the fact that those who grew up surrounded by social media have only become young adults recently. This means that now is the best opportunity to assess the impact social media has had on the lives of such people.

Thus, it is highly recommended that you choose a topic that you feel other researchers will be interested in reading about, or pursuing further. As mentioned before, the best way to ensure this is to choose a topic that adds something new to your subject field.

Research will be intrigued by my topic since social media plays a very large in modern life. Seeing its impact, both positive and negative, is crucial in advancing the field of sociology. It is due to this that I feel my proposal was given the green light and I was allowed to pursue my research with my institution.

There is no doubt that your research needs to be relevant to other researchers to receive the necessary funds for you to pursue it. To ensure this, you need to choose a topic that builds upon the existing research and adds something new to your field.